Wind from the East Shave Soap


Frankincense Patchouli

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Despite having been sidelined since pressurized shaving cream arrived on the market in 1949, lathery bars actually offer a better shave than most commercial creams and gels. Because they produce a lighter and slicker lather, shaving soaps facilitate a smooth, nick-free glide (provided, of course, that you’re using a decent blade).

For the Smoothest Shave You Ever Had. Our shave soap is enriched with soothing aloe vera juice and moisturizing shea butter for good slip and a smooth, non-irritating shave. All natural ingredients means our soap will leave your skin soft and clean without residue and dryness.

It works best when applied with a quality shave brush. But even if you’re escaping out in lands unknown, you can lather with cold water from a nearby stream or spring, apply by hand, and still end up looking and feeling good. The greatest benefit is that of greater hydration than that is provided by shaving soaps over their counterparts such as canned foam, gels or creams.


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