Beldi Soap Collection


Traditions Beldi Soap, Kessa Exfoliating Glove, Au Naturale Body Oil


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There is nothing more sacred or relaxing than bringing a piece of Morocco into your own home.  Truly let yourself be immersed in this traditional experience, still being practiced in bath houses throughout Morocco.


What is a hammam?

A hammam is a public bath house.  Even today, they are visited weekly by locals for the luxurious, deep cleanse.  But even more so, this is a social gathering, where people will relax, unwind, and gossip amongst one another.


It is an experience to be enjoyed, and while we are more conservative here in the states, you can make the experience equally as wonderful yourself in the privacy of your own home.

What is the history behind a hammam ritual?

The hammam ritual is a venerated Moroccan tradition, which has endured for centuries into the present day. Even now, thousands of Moroccans attend their local hammams weekly to cleanse themselves and enjoy a little bit of socializing and gossip on the side.


What are the basic principles of a hammam ritual?

In the hammam, your body is cleansed from neck to toe. The ritual takes place in a humid steam chamber, where a Tellak (a hammam attendant) will douse you with water before applying the black soap to your skin and exfoliating it with a kessa glove.


What is a hammam ritual good for?

Beldi soap is a natural exfoliant and it facilitates deep pore cleansing. As we age, the process of skin renewal slows down, with the old skin obstructing the new. Deep exfoliation serves to remove the dead skin.


Who would a hammam ritual be most suitable for? Who is it not suitable for?

A hammam ritual is good for absolutely everybody! Although, as with all other heat treatments, it cannot be taken during pregnancy.

Additional information


Step 1: Cleanse & Soften After 5-10 minutes in bath, shower, or steam, massage Beldi soap onto skin and leave on for up to 10 minutes. Skin will be softened and ready for exfoliating with the kessa glove. Step 2: Exfoliate Use the exfoliating kessa glove gently, but thoroughly to exfoliate from neck to toe along with running warm water as necessary to thin out the beldi soap and make exfoliation easier. The small loop on the glove makes it easy to hang to dry once you are done. Step 3: Moisturize Lightly apply the Au Naturel Dry Body Oil to lock in moisture and protect your renewed skin.


Traditions Beldi Soap: Organic Olive Oil (Olea Europaea), Castelvetrano Olive Paste, Distilled Water, Potassium Hydroxide, Organic Ground Rosehip Seed (Rosa Canina), Natural Vitamin E (Tocopheral), Grapefruit Seed Extract (Citrus Grandis), Fragrance (Essential Oils) Au Naturale Body Oil: Organic Argan Oil


Traditions Beldi Soap: For external use only. Do not use on children under the age of 10. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. If pregnant, consult a physician before use.


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