We live in a world where there are things we can control and things we can’t.  The toxic load on our bodies in unbelievable.  We often forget that skin is our largest organ, covering 90% of our body.  What we put on our skin is something we can control.  Walking the aisles in your local pharmacy or grocery store, you will find a sea of products.  But most of them simply add to your toxic load when absorbed by your skin and circulated through your body.  I was appalled at what I found when I started reading the ingredient labels.

Natural is the current buzz words in the industry.  But there is no FDA definition for natural, so many companies deceive you with highlighting the natural ingredients and making the not so good for you ingredients harder to identify.  As a result, Nokomis Naturals was born.  Products for everything from head to toe that are good for you and good for your skin. Nokomis Naturals is committed to providing quality products, safe for you and your family. We omit lab-created and “nature-identical” ingredients, which at times can be challenging.  We only use natural ingredients. All of our products are cruelty free and vegan. If we wouldn’t use it, you can be assured it is not in our products.  Whether you are looking for an alternative to commercial products, or a little something to pamper yourself, we are here to help! Commercial products are stripped of their naturally occurring benefits, and then laden with synthetic ingredients. Handcrafted products from Nokomis Naturals is all about making it the way it was meant to be!

While we can’t live in a bubble and avoid environmental factors, you can do something helping to alleviate the toxic load we encounter every day by changing up the products you use on your body.  Are you ready to learn how?

Our product line is growing.  Is there something you wish we made, but isn’t offered yet?  Shoot us a message, it might already be on the list!

Nokomis Naturals is certified cruelty free and vegan with both Beauty without Bunnies and Leaping Bunny.