Nokomis Naturals was born after my eyes were opened to all of the harmful additives in commercial products. It all started simple enough, through my introduction to essential oils. I was never one who liked taking medications (over the counter or prescription), although I certainly believe they have their place. From there, my eyes were opened to everything else that we were exposing ourselves to on a daily basis. I found myself looking at the ingredients on everything and was appalled. Many of the “green” products are still laden with ingredients that aren’t very good for us. Thus the transition to chemical free living, one product at a time, many of which I was making up in my own kitchen.

I shared products I was creating with friends and family, sometimes creating something specific for each individual as they expressed a need for something special. Suddenly my little “collection” of raw materials and equipment was growing. This new found obsession began to take over, both physically and mentally. Friends and family encouraged me to take my products to market, providing feedback on what they loved and hated (let’s be honest, there wasn’t anything they hated), and helping me fine tune my little creations. Each creation is a labor of love. It is way to release stress from the day to day triggers, as I concoct each product in my head and then produce it. I take great pride in everything I make, testing it in my own home, and then asking friends for their feedback. I have thrown away many “experiments” gone wrong for whatever reason.

Nokomis Naturals is committed to providing quality products, safe for you and your family. We only use natural ingredients. We omit lab-created and “nature identical” ingredients, which at times can be challenging. Many of our products are vegan. All of our products are cruelty free. Our commitment is to bring you quality ingredients that are safe for you and your family. If we wouldn’t use it (or don’t use it) in our own home, you can be assured that we won’t sell it to you!

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